**Free domain give aways** auction of zeropay.org

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Oct 24, 2004
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Registered this premium domain "zeropay.org" because I had a project in my mind, but will use another domain.

Auction of zeropay.org:

Starting Bid $1
Minimum increment > last value/4
Reserve $20

$1.00, $1.25, $1.57, $1.96, $2.45, $3.06, ...

* Every other offer, I will give away prizes!!!
* You cannot retract bids.
* Only eligible bid counts (minimum increment must be met)
* All prizes will be paid after the sale and only if a successful sale goes through.
* Winner keeps the domain at current registrar the first year (Security mesure against fraudulent credit card etc)
* if won several hosting months, you may extend months (max 1 year), or have several simultanously
* actual prize costs may not exceed final bid and prizes will not multiple beyond that limit if so should happen.
* ending: 1 week after last bid.

1st bid 100 $DNF
3rd bid 200 $DNF
5th bid 300 $DNF
7th bid 400 $DNF
9th bid 500 $DNF
11th bid 1000 $DNF

13th bid $1 paypal USD
15th bid one month free windows hosting worth $5 USD
17th bid two month free windows hosting worth $10 USD
19th bid one free domain registration at finexe.com

21st = same as 13th..
23rd = same as 15th..
25th = same as 17th..
27th = same as 19th..

and so on...
repeat 13 -> 19 as long as it takes
but this is not enough !!!

13-19 is first round
21-27 is second round, means EVERYONE get double their prizes even the first, third, 5th etc bidder gets DOUBLE!
29-35 is third round, means everyone get TRIPPLE their prizes!

and so on...

Fun fact: If minimum bids given the 15th bid will meet reserve

Happy bidding and Happy winning !

If you have comments or suggestions about this auction or its concept please post it here:
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