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Free Web Hosting, 150 mb / 1000 mb bandwidth

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Jun 13, 2002
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Hey Guys,

A lot of people are looking for free hosting nowadays, somewhere to upload their work, personal sites, interests and more. So myself and a partner have been working hard in the recent months to setup a network, featuring free web hosting, free image hosting, and free traffic stats. We are proud to being our public launch by announcing our first free web hosting service, WayServers.com!

Currently offering 150mb diskspace, 1000mb transfer, subdomain, PHP, MySQL database, our own feature control panel with file manager, ftp access, and more! Check it out, it’s all free too. Also, for a limited time to help get our name out there, banners won’t be put on your site! Take it as a gift from us :) Please let us know if you have encounter any bugs or problems, we’d love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy the free goods. Thanks!

*We are also looking for link exchanges to go on the main page and resources page. If you would like to link exchange or if you are interested in an "across the network" advertisement opportunity, contact us!

Other sites online:
http://www.waystats.com – Free traffic stat tracking
http://www.wayimages.com – Free image hosting
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