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Freelancer Panel - Complete Client, Project, Support, and Billing Management

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Mar 10, 2006
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Freelancer Panel is an ideal script for freelancers. It offers fundamental controls over all aspects of freelancing. It was programmed for no particular "category" of freelancer (such as designer, programmer, templates etc.) in mind. It is meant to be completely universal no matter what freelance function it must serve. Some of the many highlights are (full): invoicing system, client manager, project management, ability to sell set-products (templates, scripts etc.), ability to sell custom services (custom programming, designing etc.), and of course a fantastic full templating system to make it look like and flawlessly integrate into your very own site! When we created FP, we made it the best companion a freelancer could ever imagine.

Promotions & Prices

We are currently offering a 50% discount on both the owned and leased license! This special does not currently have an ending date.

Owned License

The owned license is a license which will never expire. You will be able to use Freelancer Panel for as long as you wish. Support and non-critical upgrades expire within one year after purchase. These can be renewed for $20 a year.

$74.99 - one time fee.


This license is usually $149.99, so order now and recieve this fantastic special!

Leased License

The leased license is perfect for those who want to "try" Freelancer Panel, or do not have enough money to purchase the owned license. You will receive free support and upgrades for as long as your leased license is valid.

$14.99 - every month.


This license is usually $29.99 a month.


Want to see Freelancer Panel in action? Check out our demo page!


Excellent client-side & admin-side design

Freelancer Panel comes with two very unique designs. The most important thing to your clients is presentation. This is why we "went all out" in the design. We want to ensure that your clients get the perfect impression when they visit your site. Don't want your site to look like others? It doesn't have to with FP! We use one of the most famous, and widely used PHP Templating Engines, Smarty. This ensures that you can easily customize your design, and 'easily' being the key word! When we were creating FP, we tried to keep the templating side of things extremely simple, all of the code is hidden in the PHP, so the templates are very easy to modify! Not only do you get a nice client-side design, but you will also get a nice custom administration skin as well. The designs alone are worth the price of FP, then there is the fact that Freelancer Panel is thousands and thousands lines of code!

Full Client Management

Freelancer Panel allows you to preform many tasks in client management such as:

  • Ability to generate a custom invoice for any customer.
  • Customer has the ability to pay through a Paypal or Authorize.net module. Completley intergrated into Freelancer Panel.
  • Create, modify, delete invoice items for any invoice.
  • Unlimited invoice items per invoice, very easy to keep essential records!

Full Project Management

Tracking your current and past projects is a crucial part of being a freelancer. Sometimes you get so busy, you forget what you have to do, right? That's why FP is fully equipped with project management. Some of the many project management highlights include:

  • Add/modify/delete certain project types, to better track your projects.
  • Link your project to the client who it belongs to.
  • Full description of the project, so you can never forget what you must do.
  • Full intergration into the invoicing system.
  • Keep your client up-to-date with progress, previews, live URLs and much more.
  • The client has the ability to open tickets up with you for certain projects. You can reply. Communication is a must!


Portfolios are one of the most important aspects of gaining a poentital customer. But, that does not mean portfolios have to be hard to create, either! All you have to do is fill out a simple form that will add a new portfolio entry to your portfolio page. You have the ability to add screenshots, descriptions, testimonal, and anything else that makes a portfolio really shine.

Products / Custom Services

Some of the product/services Freelancer Panel can do are highlighted below:

  • Ability to sell products such as scripts.
  • The option to resell a product as many times as you want, or just once.
  • Very easy form to add new products to, and create custom fields as well.
  • Ability to sell your services at a set hourly rate, customer can choose as many hours as they need.
  • Sell custom services on a per-project rate.

Pre-set Pages

Freelancer Panel has many pre-built pages, such as about, contact etc. It is very simple to modify the text through the administration panel, just click modify! And then it changes the pages. Modifying a page cannot be made any easier. If we did not make a pre-built page that you would like, it is extremely easy to add another one.


What is Freelancer Panel?

Freelancer Panel is software that allows freelancers to operate much more efficiently. Features include: custom services, invoices, product management, and much more. It truly is a freelancer's dream software. Additional information can be found in the product overview.

Why should I purchase Freelancer Panel?

We understand that there are many other products that you can purchase from besides Freelancer Panel. But we strive to be the best we possibly can. We try and do everything we can to make every single one of our customers 100% satisfied. Below is a list of some our highlights:

  • Affordable prices.
  • A wide-range list of features.
  • We run specials every so often so you can get it at the best price!
  • We listen to our customers. Whether you have a bug report, or a feature request, we will listen to you and do our best to implement it.
  • Installation of Freelancer Panel for only $14.99 (one-time fee).
  • We are here to please you, our customer!

What are the system requirements of Freelancer Panel?

You will need to meet or exceed the requirements outlined below. DO NOT purchase Freelancer Panel unless you meet or exceed the requirements. Please also read the refund policy. If you are not sure your server meets these requirements, please feel free to contact us, and we will assist you.

  • Apache 1.3.x or later w/ mod_rewrite
  • Linux or Unix Operating System
  • PHP 4.4.x or later (Not tested extensively in PHP 5, but it is functional)
  • PHP must be compiled with cURL support
  • PHP must be compiled with GD support
  • MySQL 4.x (Not tested extensively in MySQL 5, but it does function)
  • At least one free MySQL database
  • ionCube Support (Either using the optional included runtime files or via PHP.ini)

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently only accept Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you are more than welcome to simply use your credit card through Paypal. Paypal is free to register, and you do not have to pay any fees. If Paypal is not an option for you, for any reason, please contact us so we can work out an agreement.

How long does it take to download after purchase?

Once you have purchased Freelancer Panel, you will be given access to the Client Area. Here you can download the script as soon as it is convenient for you and purchase other add-ons such as brand removal and other miscellaneous things.

Will I obtain the full source code after purchase?

No, our source code is not publicly available. Although we regret the inconvenience, this is the only way we can protect our property. Styles and layouts can be modified extremely easily via the administrator control panel and through our powerful templating system. If you wish for a small modification, we will do it at free of charge or in the next planned release.

What is ionCube and how do I obtain it?

ionCube is what we use to protect our source code. A lot of web hosts already has ionCube installed on their servers, but this is not always the case. If you need the ionCube loaders, they are available in a Freelancer Panel package with them, alternatively you can download them directly from ionCube here. ionCube is a system requirement for Freelancer Panel.

I have a question still, how do I contact you?

You may contact us for any questions you may have, via our contact form, or you may call our toll-free number: 1-888-303-1004.
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