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My prices reflect how much I THINK it's worth to the reseller. Not to the company that might be interested in buying it. - ?? $30 - $50-$350 - $50-$200 - $80-$900 - ~$200 - ~$300

Once again, these names COULD be worth much more to a
company interested in selling related services. Ex. A Software
company that wishes to sell casino related software.

Hope this helps,
Luc L.


I guess could be a good name in your native India.

I am sure you know hockey is a huge sport in India and Indians love a bet.

I think most people feel that India lack numbers of people using computers.

When you have a country with a population of over a billion the % of people using computers may be low but it still amounts to huge numbers overall using computers.

Have you ever tried listing your names on Ebay India?



These are all pretty long and not the kind of thing i'd expect people to type in when looking to part with their cash at a casino site. is my favorite, for the people who write the software and license it to the casino sites - this is the one I think you could make money with, but with it being 3 words there are a few ways to say the same thing e.g. netcasinosoftware, onlinegamblingsoftware, webcasinosoftware etc. If you get an interest in this, then i'd be hoping you could get mid 4 figures (but you might need to go knocking to generate the interest).

The others, I think you'd be lucky to get interest in, but if you did a low 3 figure sale would seem about right.
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