Gd Domain Portfolio Sale! 500 Domains@$4 Each Leavemealoan(.}com, More

May 14, 2007
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Due to a financial crisis, I am forced to liquidate the domain names in my GoDaddy account. The minimum cost for a backorder at GoDaddy is approximately $20, if the domain does not go to auction. In some cases, I paid much more than that to acquire these names. But my loss is your gain. I think we can all agree that these domains are worth more than $4 each, but that is what you will pay (per domain) for the portfolio!


There are 500 domain names in the portfolio.

There are some names that may need to be renewed if you so choose.

So the total cost is 500 domains X $4 each =$2000.

Keep in mind that you can list many of these in the marketplaces and receive $500-$1000 for one domain name. This domain list for the serious domainer who wants to make money.

I get offers and make sales on these names almost monthly, but I don’t have the luxury of waiting. I have to have cash immediately.

I am willing to negotiate, but I am looking to make an amount that is as close to $2000 as possible. So please keep that in mind when sending counter offers. Reasonable offers are welcome!

I am looking for a serious buyer who can pay quickly. Paypal OK.

This is a multi-forum posting. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!


PM me with your offer!

Lots of potential businesses here!

PLEASE PM me with your email address for domains e-z. Serious buyers only!
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