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it.com GoDaddy Now Offers .it.com Domains

Oct 12, 2023
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A provider of innovative domains for the technology industry, it.com Domains, has announced a new partnership with GoDaddy a global leader in tools and tech for small businesses. GoDaddy now offers .it.com domains to its 20 million global customer base to support the growing demand for tech-related domains, particularly among startups, developers, and tech companies seeking to establish a strong online presence while signaling their industry, based in IT or tech.

The IT services market is estimated at around $1.2 trillion in 2024. It is expected to reach $1.81 trillion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 8.38% during 2024-2029. This surge in demand for IT-focused domains is expected to drive the popularity of .it.com domains, which combine the power of the .com brand with the popular “IT” modifier. There are also approximately 4,000 premium domains available within the .it.com registry, enabling domain investors and companies to secure rare generic domain names (e.g. tech.it.com, buy.it.com, and many more) for the future via GoDaddy.

“We are thrilled to partner with GoDaddy, a leading domain registrar with a large customer base,” said Joe Alagna, CSO at it.com Domains. “It will enable us to cater to the global IT community and provide our innovative .it.com domains to businesses of all sizes worldwide.”

Tess Diaz, Director of Channel at it.com Domains, added, “The tech world, from startups to unicorns, have been crystal clear in seeking out domain names that specify their identity. We’re committed to supporting the IT community, and with GoDaddy now offering .it.com domains, we anticipate even stronger growth ahead.”

The .it.com domain names can be added to any GoDaddy product, such as email or hosting. The agreement with GoDaddy will also provide it.com Domains on their extensive aftermarket platforms in the near future. To secure an it.com domain, visit www.godaddy.com.

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