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goh, still waiting for an apology

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Your infantile behavior can cost you more than embarrassment in the near future.

I am still waiting for the APOLOGY that you acknowledged you'd offer, if it were proven that you were wrong with your allegations.

The clock is ticking.
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Apr 5, 2002
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I doubt you'll be getting any apology. I completely understand your anger, especially how stupid the whole thing was, but ultimately, your response was pretty racist, and probably just as hurtful to goh.

If you're stunned that I've "switched sides", don't be. I still like you, and think you're probably a really fair guy, and goh was a complete jerk and an idiot. But there are some lines that are crossed in the heat of anger that point the finger the other way. I read what you said, and hoped that once you'd calmed down, you'd edit your post. Sadly you didn't.

It's just my opinion, and others may have their own, but I think in this case what you said in response was as bad as what started it.

You know what, after all I don't give a crap about it all. But the guy said that he'd apologize if it all turned out to be an error on his part and once more, with his lack of follow-up, he proves to deserve every single comment that due to anger or otherwise I left for him. I still have my opinions about a large cultural and language barrier that led Mr Chong to react the way he did. I live close to asian minorities and I can tell you that they are very suspicious of every other than their own kin.


I think this matter should be publicly closed on DnForum.

It has been going on for a few days now and really has no place on this forum.

I suggest you both can settle the matter, one way or another, by private email. I know that many will be pleased for the bickering to end.


Matt, I suggest that if you are tired of reading about it then either stop reading my posts or be more objective. goh made PUBLIC accusations, disclosed private communications in PUBLIC repeatedly and what I am asking for is a PUBLIC APOLOGY.

Nothing more, nothing less.


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Apr 29, 2002
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Timechange, perhaps you should apologize for your racist remarks, instead of soliciting apologies from others under threats of libel. Are you a xenophobe? A sample of your represensible statements which have no justification under any circumstances.

QUOTE: You posted a weird-a$$ message that made no sense as of the pricing of the domains or if you are willing to split them - who in their right mind would buy 300 domains from some no-face goober from Hong Kong? Get lost, outta my face loser!

QUOTE: Getting a better grasp of english might also help.

** perhaps a better grasp on your part of Mandarin or Cantonese, spoken by more people on Earth than English I believe, would do much to resolve the apparent language problem between you and goh **

QUOTE: Poor baby can't afford to have $50 wired over to China. Maybe that's why PayPal does not do China.

** more anti-asian bile? **

QUOTE: Man, you are SO damn insane I *might* spare your ass for lack of functioning brain neurons!

** theats of physical violence are always nice **

QUOTE: Better read again, you have 24 hours to apologize.
Of course you don't, because they'd kick your sorry ass. But instead, you blame and accuse others of events that you cannot explain with your rice-packed brain .

** nice racist imagery here **

"a publication without justification or lawful excuse which is calculated to injure the reputation of another by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule."
If you don't drop posting that UNSUBSTANTIATED crap I will take legal action against you.
That's a fair warning.
If you don't, I will seek legal action against you and anyone responsible for perpetuating this utter disgrace .

** are you going to litigate in Hong Kong - Good luck to you **

What you didn't know, is that your false allegations against my monicker "timechange" constitute abuse against a federally registered trademark .

** I love to see you litigate on those grounds. Very funny legal analysis **

QUOTE: I will have your head on a plate before you can say "everybody wang chung tonight".

** More theats of violence? **

I still have my opinions about a large cultural and language barrier that led Mr Chong to react the way he did. I live close to asian minorities and I can tell you that they are very suspicious of every other than their own kin.

Perhaps you should go down to your local chinatown, etc., mount a soapbox, and scream out your racist diabtribe, theatenening to "kick some asian ass". Be a man at least and face the consequences of your statements, instead of hiding behind a computer.

Can't understand your venom. Perhaps a trip to Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai would educate you and enlighten you. I wonder how you would react if someone started spouting anti Greek racist remarks and generalizations. I take it you wouldn't find their statements amusing or justifiable under any circumstances.

Enough with the threats and racist remarks. Doesn't look good on you ....

Shameful really :sad:

Namebox has already issues with me and I won't get extensive here just: whatever, dude.

I did not accuse goh of anything, he did. When the truth came out, he hid like a rat in the dark. All the rest is a waste of my time, and if you Namebox, or others want to play a game of political correctness you can play it without me.

Let's see....you are quick to criticize my method of reaction and DEFENCE against FALSE ACCUSATIONS, but you mention nada about the juice: Some low life scum with no brains but a quick tigger to the submit button posts lies that I am left to defend with nothing but my extreme argument of innocence.

Again, spare me the diatrebe when hiding behind an anonymous monicker.


As a moderator of this site I read as many posts as possible, whether they be your's or not.

I said, in a polite way, that people are sick and tired of the bickering between you and Goh. I also suggested that you take your wrath and place it in private communications between Goh and yourself.

I wasn't trying to be objective. I was trying to get this mess cleaned up.
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