.COM Good Expired .com Domains $12.50-$20 Each Inc. Renewal to 2019 Inc. LawPacks.com, ActionPresentations.com & tq38.com

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Nov 2, 2006
Up for sale here are a few .com names with good potential at very reasonable reseller prices. All domains are registered with Dynadot or NameSilo. Many of these are taken in other extensions. The price includes renewal to May/June 2019 and a push to your account at the registrar noted next to the domain:

$12.50 each:

OfficeRefurbishmentLondon.com Dynadot The .co.uk is taken and LondonOfficeRefurbishment is also taken in .com and .co.uk
DiscoveryTurkey.com Dynadot The .net, .org and .info have all been registered at some point in the past (source: domaintools.com)
LikeMeLikeYou.com Catchy. The similar name LikeYouLikeMe.com is taken

$15 each:

pppam.com NameSilo The .net, .org, .info and .biz are all registered to 2022

$20 each:

LawPacks.com NameSilo LawPax.com and LawPacs.com are both taken but LawPacks.com is better (generic and easy to spell correctly)
Autopoets.com Dynadot The .net and .info are taken. The .nl is developed
ActionPresentations.com Dynadot The .com.au is developed
OutOfJoint.com NameSilo The .co.uk is developed
MatchHolder.com Dynadot The .de is developed
Background-Music.com NameSilo The .net, .info, .de and .co.uk are all taken
M******************.com Sold
H**********.com Sold

$30 > $20 each:

tq38.com Dynadot LLNN.com domain ending in 8 with all Chinese premium characters (no AEIOUV04)

Payment by PayPal please within 24 hours. The domain will be renewed to 2019 before being pushed to your account at the registrar noted next to the domain. If the domain enters the registrar's 'In Redemption' status and/or is removed from my account (which happens at around 30 days post expiration) before I see that payment has been received, a full refund will be provided as the domain will no longer be able to renewed at standard rates.

Multi-venue post. Please post sold or send a PM to claim. For the privacy of buyers who may want the domains they have purchased removed from the thread, please post only the domain/s you would like to buy. Thank you.
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