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Oct 7, 2002
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great site, very good name. Depending on pricing you can offer people ability to save money on hosting images on places like ebay. This is a template built site.

Online photo albums are hot properties due to the popularity of digital cameras. This is your chance to cash in on the popularity of these services.

The photo album website allows visitors to sign up for an account to store their digital photos online. The admin specifies different account packages stating the number of photos and length of time that the users photo gallery will be displayed online and accessible to their friends and family. The accounts are paid via PayPal.

Siteadmin panel:

Admin can approve/edit/delete members
Admin can add/edit/delete gallery packages
Mailing list manager
Admin info - change username, password, name, email
Edit Email Templates
Useradmin panel:

Displays membership plans and limitations
Allows to set a password protected gallery
Add/Delete unlimited categories
Upload/Delete photos
Add titles and descriptions to photos
Change Password
Update Email
View Catalog
Extend Membership

Post sold to claim. Will give ftp data after payment and push name at enom. Can offer 30 days free hosting if needed.
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