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Hello... We were recommended to post here about this. And instead of having a domain part we will probably just link to this site. Its great to see a site about domains. We did research the rules and saw nothing against this Now into the speach...

Over the next 3 weeks on (division of WHR) we will be looking at all of our current members and new members, there quality of posts, and number of posts and narrowing all of the members to about 10. Then randomly picking one of those to win a xbox.

The rules are simple.

Post quality posts.
Post often

Please do not slam the board with irrevalant BS. Just keep the board as is clean, with little mod interaction and I think we will be fine. Anyway Over the next 3 weeks this will be watched and on July 17 2002 a xbox will be awarded to a winner.

Tell your friends relatives and guests to become a member and have a chance at a free XBOX. All mods are not included in this nor are Admins of hostingchat

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and good luck...
Not open for further replies.
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