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Jul 8, 2007
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Low Reserve.

Why a buyer should consider this name?
- Numerous Buildiout Possibilities - Self Publishing, Book Re-Seller, Book Marketing.
- Publishing is a consolidating industry and ebooks are on the forefront. ienergizer purchased e-book vendor, aptara for $144M in Q1 2012
- Amazon reported on their Q42013 earnings call that their ebook business was up 70% year over year and is now a billion dollar business for them.
-According to a report from Digital Book World and PlayScience, 40% of parents who have children who read e-books plan to buy them new devices to do so this holiday season. And two-thirds of parents with children who read e-books plan on buying them digital content this holiday season, spending an average of $28.26.
-Online book selling accounted for nearly half of all spending on books by consumers in 2012.
The facts go on and on. The point is this is a MASSIVE BILLION DOLLAR Industry that is growing and this is a perfect name to capture and exploit a huge niche (i.e. FICTION) within that industry
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