I'm searching one or more Sponsor(s) for my website full of ideas about Space, Energy

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Sep 21, 2009
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I'm searching one or more Sponsor(s) for my website full of ideas about Space, Energy, Cars, Technology, etc.

All articles of my website are in english, so, its target is the world.

The ad will be placed in the home page and never alternated with others.

The ads shown now in the home page are just examples, so, your ads will be placed atop them, also, I will change soon (I hope for the end of this year) my website, to adopt a blog platform, so, all ads will be soon visible in all pages of the blog with no additional costs for today's Sponsors

The ads are published under the following terms and conditions that are valid only as long as published here and in the advertising rules' page and can be changed without notice.

The publication and permanence of advertising is subject to the approval of the owner and author of the website.

The current price of a 125x125 pixels ad space (.jpeg or .gif static and 6 KBytes max) published in the home page for one year is of only EUR 3000 including tax to be paid only via PayPal or a credit card affiliated with PayPal.

The link of the ads cannot be changed nor redirected and can't contain scripts.

The purchased spaces can't be transferred to thirds without the consent of the author and owner of the website.

If the contents of the linked site will be changed (or the link redirected) the link can be disabled until the the previous pages are restored.

The Sponsors may ask for removal of their ads in advance but not for a refund (total or in part) of the amount paid.

For any further information please send a mail to: mail@gaetanomarano.it

Thank You.

October 31, 2009

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