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Anthony Ng

May 22, 2002
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I have re-packaged the following .info domains for a quick sale. Have previously received offers of $25 - 30 for some of them (and even a bogus offer of $35). First come, first served.


UPDATE: Limited time offer ended. Thanks.

TorontoCity.info SOLD
TorontoWaterfront.info SOLD
GreaterToronto.info SOLD
GreaterTorontoArea.info SOLD
TorontoArea.info SOLD
EastYork.info SOLD
HighPark.info SOLD
YorkRegion.info SOLD
TorontoLawyers.info SOLD
TiananmenSquare.info SOLD


All registered at DomainSite (hassle-free "push") and will not expire until Sep 05.

FYI: A similar .info 25-pack was sold for $xxx (yes, 3-digit) just in January. And this pack actually contains more valuable geograhically generic names, so don't miss out. Thanks.
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