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Jan 2, 2016
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Don’t worry about losing your customers anymore!

Whether you’re looking for an online merchant account, or you’d like to accept alternative payments on your website, we can set you up so you can start growing your business.

Jahanpay is an online payment gateway provider in Iran. Helping e-businesses to accept online payments in the smoothest, easiest way is what we do. We offer a vast variety of payment methods and currencies to give businesses a chance to reach customers all around the world from Iran in selected markets.

JahanPay online payment services (gateway) provide you with the possibility to use all acceleration network bankcards. Internet payment gateway in Iran is delivered by the Shetab banking system, and Saman Electronic Payment which is one of the best providers in the Persian online banking system is also presented by us.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is one of the services we offer to e-businesses. One of the easiest ways to improve the success of your mail order business is to offer customers more flexible ways to pay. This type of transaction in Iran, is usually done through a shipping company and allows both the seller and the buyer of the product to minimize the risk of fraud or default.

JahanPay broadened the offer with many extra payment services that increase selling efficiency and improve the purchasing experience. As a national payment institution, Jahanpay consider the Iranian and foreign customers' safety as top priority. Every transaction is secured with SSL and all data is encrypted in this Iranian payment gateway. We also accept all different types of bank cards which are accepted by the Shetab banking system.

Other positive features:

  • Offering private labeled gateway with your chosen name
  • Offering direct payment gateway
  • Acceptance of all acceleration network bankcards
  • Instant Activation of payment platform
  • Lowest fees among competitors
  • Modern & diverse facilities
  • SMS banking and functional codes
  • With customized address in the National Banking Network (Shaparak)
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