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Leadgid - International Financial Affiliate Network

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Sep 24, 2020
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LeadGid is the number one affiliate network in the field of financial lead generation in Russia and Eastern Europe.

We deliver millions of clients to banks and microfinance companies monthly.
Leadgid helps the banks to use internet traffic most effectively and allows affiliates to monetize their traffic with maximum profit.

Our benefits
• Best contests for publishers
• 400+ offers and 30+ countries
• The best client-friendly service
• TOP-1 in Eastern Europe in the number of financial leads
• We’re specialized in financial CPA since 2012
• Traffic quality control
• Quick start (24 hours)
• Guaranteed monthly amount of leads
• All integration options available
• Advanced analytics

minimum payout 50 euro

- Contract
- Webmoney
- Yandex
- Bank account
- Qiwi

Registration: leadgid.eu

From November 1 to June 30, we run a new contest "LEADGID GOLDEN PARACHUTE"

Your opportunity to improve quality of life and ensure stability and passive income, once and forever.


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