LEGAL YouTube Search Script - mod_rewrite, TPL, DOWNLOAD, only $19.95!

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Aug 25, 2004
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Just released: PHPVideoScript 2.2! Now you can DOWNLOAD the videos you search for in a variety of formats: avi, mpg, mov, wmv, flv, mp3, wav. With this download utility attached, your users can click just a couple of buttons and have the movie they were watching available for offline viewing! Dynamically linked to; if you would like to locally host the conversion script, you can purchase licenses for both scripts, then contact us, and we will link them to one another and install them for you FREE OF CHARGE!

PHPVideoScript is the latest PHP script which allows webmasters to create an SEO-friendly video/multimedia website which pulls content from YouTube.

PHPVideoScript stores all entries in a MySQL database, and even pulls the comments from YouTube's video pages. All of the information is pulled via the YouTube API (ID can be obtained free of charge and is required to run the script).

Easy to change design - all pages use TPL templates and CSS. Adding Google AdSense or another advertisement service is easy as 1-2-3.

PHPVideoScript uses mod_rewrite to keep search engines coming back for more, along with dynamic META keyword generation and title generation.

With PHPVideoScript's YouTube crawler, tens of thousands of videos can be cataloged within minutes (depending on the speed of your server). Administrators can set the number of videos to pull for each new keyword.

Check out the demo above! Get your license today! PM me for more license deals than just the 5 and 10 license packages.

Server Requirements:
PHP 5, MySQL, mod_rewrite

Use coupon code "DP1" at checkout for 20% off your COMPLETE ORDER!

If updates are released, they will be provided FREE OF CHARGE to those who have already purchased the script. I reserve the right to change the price or modify this ad at any time. Thanks!

Thanks for looking!
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