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Aug 13, 2002
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We're running a first of many market tests, to evaluate the interest of domainers towards premium and rare 7N patterns of sublime quality.
We're talking of patterns with multiple consecutive/alternate repetitions, multiple "8", starting/ending in 123/321 and so on.
(Read more at the bottom).

Well, we're now taking offers in the $xx/domain but there's more because we'll double the deal with our 2x1 offer: get a free domain for any paid one.
If we'll accept your offer, you'll be eligible to pick up a second domain for free ... Buy 2 (get additional 2 for free) and so on ...

We'll run this offer for a couple of weeks, we reserve the right to stop it at any time so don't miss this opportunity because you can easily do a
"quick flip" by grabbing few premium 7N and reselling them on Flippa or through other auction marketplaces.

Expiration: late 2016 - All registered at GoDaddy, free push - Payment by PayPal/Neteller/ (please, ask).
All these patterns are no longer available for registration since few months..
Send offers exclusively by PM or email: domainsales @

As many of you already know, we've gathered a group of investors and we've invested intensively in the numeric niche in general.
We're conducting deep studies and market researches, to know what're the most loved patterns, to invest more resources in those directions.

Our studies revealed that the premium market is slowly growing and many patterns are already paid in the middle $xxx in the daily drop auctions.
We've no interest in convincing you to invest if you don't see it as a good opportunity to diversify your portfolio while we'e quite sure that the names below will be
worth a middle $xxx a piece before the end of 2016.

To satisfy the curiosity of our "skeptic fans", our research revealed that this market isn't a "bubble" but a game which started in the far 2004 and grown (slowly
but progressively) until nowadays.
All remaining premium 7N will be gone soon, over 50% of them are no longer available.
We're still planning a possible buy out of the left ones for the near future, we're just completing our studies first.
The market will then move to 8/9N which will be never registered completely for what we've learned but all the best patterns will sell (most of them are already gone forever).
In the years to come, the game will continue mainly involving these niches (2/ and their value will constantly grow while they'll continue to be traded on a daily basis.
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