minimizing the .mobi debate

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Feb 7, 2004
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You almost get the point here.

Making mobile-only (or more likely mobile-directed) websites is going to be a really big thing, IMHO. But not websites for detailed research like the PC is good at - mobile users need a different sort of information:

You are at the mall. Who has your brand of shoes?
What restaurant within walking distance has tomato soup today?
A bar code on your screen will serve as your airline ticket.
Need a taxi? GPS will tell him exactly where you are.
The store you are walking by can broadcast it's sales coupons right into your telephone, if you want.

And all would be better promoted on a .mobi.

Thanks for posting some mobile only site ideas. <3

mobile-only != mobile-friendly

Right, but what about the benefits generated from promoting and marketing it as a mobile only site (even though it could still be of course viewed from your desktop).

Most of the skeptics completely discount the marketing hocus pocus of .mobi, and I think the .com/.org analogy above sums this up quite nicely.
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