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Miss Teen Philippine Pageant

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Aug 13, 2004
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Howdy Everyone!

I want everyone here to meet my sister Kristle. >> Picture Here >> http://www.zearo.com/kristle.jpg She is a senior in high school, and is soon to be 18 years old.

Why am I telling you about my sister? Well, she is running for Miss Teen Philippine-San Antonio. Miss Teen Philippine is put on by the Philippine Women of America Society, and it is a scholarship program (aren't all pageants?) Here is the link to the PWA: http://people.bu.edu/cdanahy/

In order for a contestant to win they have to raise the most money towards a scholarship program that the PWA (which this concept is weird to me, but that is how they do it) And my sister is really wanting to win. So I am trying to help raise money for her.

There are 3 different ways that my sister can raise money- Donations, Raffle Tickets ($1 a piece - Winner gets $250 does not have to be present to win), and Dinner Tickets ($25 a plate).

So the reason I am posting this is because I was wondering if anyone here would like to help my sister win the pageant. All proceeds go to the Philippine Scholarship which she would receive a bit of towards school if she wins, or receives it externally by applying.

I could help out with web design, graphic design, any other kind of online odd jobs for a donation, or I could sell plates, and some people buy plates and know they cannot attend so donate the plates to friends/family who cannot afford to go (you have to buy a plate to be at the pageant), or I could sell raffle tickets at $1 a piece (no limit to how many someone can buy) and put the address on the back and if you won, you would receive the check in the mail, or through a straight donation.

If this is against forum rules for me to post this, please remove this thread, and I am terribly sorry for any trouble I have caused. I just am trying in every way possible to help my sister win this pageant, and raise funds for the PWA scholarship.

If anyone has any questions, or would like to work out service for donation please feel free to PM me.

If anyone knows they already want to buy raffle tickets ($1 a piece), buy a dinner ticket ($25) or just donate please send all donations via paypal to: vikkie@zearo.com

If wanting to buy raffle tickets, please include your address so I know where to send the prize if you won it.

I thank you SO Much for reading this really long thread, and for any contributions anyone makes. The pageant is November 13th, and I will update on if Kristle won or not.

Thank you!!!
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