Aug 13, 2002
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Looking for reasonable offers for:

No big expectations, just waiting for a fair offer in the $xxx range to part with them.

Strong and generic keywords with an unlimited development & money making potential.

Take a look at these well known sales of similar domains, they're for sure a safe and wise investment, for few hundreds : sold at $40k - 2013-01-09 sold at $16k - 2012-02-24 sold at $15k - 2011-01-06
... just to mention 3 of the most known ones

And what about MP3 ? Just a couple of example we had in our records: sold at $5k - 2014-04-11 sold at $3,350 - 2011-03-15

Post your offers here or by PM, thanks.
Take also a look at our totally reviewed and updated inventory, now bigger than ever.
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