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Jun 23, 2006
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It looks like the numeric domain market is very very hot these days. Specially 5N's they are reaching mid to high $xxx that has '4' or '0' and low to mid $x,xxx without '4' or '0'. I decided to dig and find out where does N-N-N .com market is. As of last night out of possible 1000 domains , only 78 is still available, I am including the list below... I decided to invest in a handful of these and hold them for a year or two, I think they will appreciate in value as the demand increase for numeric domains by Chinese investors and consumers... Any thoughts in this ???

Here is the available list as of last night :

0-4-1.com Available.
0-4-2.com Available.
0-4-3.com Available.
0-4-5.com Available.
0-4-6.com Available.
0-4-7.com Available.
0-4-8.com Available.
0-5-2.com Available.
0-5-3.com Available.
0-6-4.com Available.
0-7-4.com Available.
0-7-6.com Available.
2-0-4.com Available.
2-1-4.com Available.
2-6-4.com Available.
2-7-4.com Available.
3-0-4.com Available.
3-4-0.com Available.
3-4-6.com Available.
3-4-7.com Available.
3-6-4.com Available.
3-7-4.com Available.
4-0-5.com Available.
4-0-6.com Available.
4-0-8.com Available.
4-1-6.com Available.
4-2-1.com Available.
4-2-6.com Available.
4-2-7.com Available.
4-3-1.com Available.
4-3-5.com Available.
4-3-7.com Available.
4-5-3.com Available.
4-6-1.com Available.
4-6-3.com Available.
4-6-5.com Available.
4-6-7.com Available.
4-7-0.com Available.
4-7-1.com Available.
4-7-2.com Available.
4-7-3.com Available.
4-7-5.com Available.
4-7-6.com Available.
4-8-1.com Available.
4-8-2.com Available.
4-8-3.com Available.
4-8-5.com Available.
5-0-1.com Available.
5-1-4.com Available.
5-4-0.com Available.
5-4-2.com Available.
5-4-5.com Available.
5-4-6.com Available.
5-4-7.com Available.
5-4-8.com Available.
5-7-4.com Available.
6-2-4.com Available.
6-3-4.com Available.
6-4-1.com Available.
6-4-6.com Available.
6-4-7.com Available.
6-7-4.com Available.
7-3-4.com Available.
7-4-1.com Available.
7-4-2.com Available.
7-4-3.com Available.
7-4-5.com Available.
7-4-6.com Available.
7-6-4.com Available.
7-6-5.com Available.
8-0-4.com Available.
8-2-4.com Available.
8-3-4.com Available.
8-4-1.com Available.
8-4-3.com Available.
8-4-4.com Available.
8-6-4.com Available.
8-7-4.com Available.


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Jun 5, 2011
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Folks left the 4's because the Chinese associate that number(symbol) with bad fortune and death... Just FYI.
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