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New DNS vs Search Engine Study--Interesting!

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Hi Fellow Domainers:

If this has already been posted, my apologies...

Here's a link to a recent study done by a Harvard Law prof comparing the internet-search effectiveness of search engines vs. DNS (type-in guesses).

The study only looks at finding specific companies and organizations, so there isn't any direct research into finding subjects and topics, the main focus of domain speculation, but the study is nevertheless interesting and useful.

Here's the link:

The most interesting thing to me is one of the main assumptions in the study, that the DNS is used as a de facto search tool. something domainers have always understood, but is routinely ignored or underplayed by general business and media.

Also note the poor performance of Realnames, not that it matters anymore.

I got wind of this study through "BNA Highlights," leading internet law academic Michael Geist's daily internet news summary. If you don't already get it, I recommend you sign up for this free mailer. It's a great source of info. You can sign up for it here:

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