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New Protocol and new NameSpace - Think DNS for data, people, entities and things...


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Jan 18, 2021
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Two years ago I bought atsign.com on Namejet and it was the start of an amazing journey to create a new internet protocol focused on permissions and privacy. We also have created a new namespace on the internet that we call an @sign.

Each @sign is unique in the world but unlike DNS it can include most UTF-8 characters including emojis and character sets beyond Latin.


Is a valid @sign, currently we have opened up the Latin Character set and emojis, if you need something more just drop me a line.

As with any new namespace there is always a bit of a rush to get the names before the next guy. We have not notified any other communities in the DNS business but as atsign.com came from NameJet I felt you guys should know first.

Much more information is available at atsign.com and atsign.dev


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