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New to DNf, a brief intro...

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Aug 23, 2004
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Hello everyone,

I have been spending the last two or three days cruising around the boards, reading up and just trying to soak it all in! Wow, what an adjustment - I can see it will take months for me to be literate in this game. However I am and will be active nonetheless.

I am a research analyst for a large consumer products company during the day, but I dabble in a couple of Internet businesses on the side. One is an affiliate site for ISPs, the other is facilitating the sale of prescription drugs from Canada to consumers in the U.S.

I have picked up a handful of domain names over the past few months, primarily because of my interest in making a few bucks through the Web. I have some money to invest and intend on picking up a couple of nice domain names to build a business around. My problem is, I can market a site, but I dont know the first thing about SEO or the intricacies of what a domain name can for me on its own. I think I came to the right place to learn!

I am sure most of you already know the feeling, but I cant get over how addicted I am to cruising through Sedo, Internic, etc. looking for the domain names that might slip under the radar - the truth is, I have a bit of dough but cant afford the really big .com's. Regardless, I am already trying to keep my online time to minimum as the better half is showing a bit of frustration, but I am finding it rather difficult with the new hobby.

Anyhow, Im babbling a bit now. Thanks for reading and dont hesitate to point me in the right direction, wherever it may be!



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Jan 17, 2003
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Welcome Stuart.

"My problem is, I can market a site, but I dont know the first thing about SEO...."

I know the feeling well..! :)
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