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New Valuation Model Thread

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I thought I'd repost Vialli's original valuation model post here as the other thread seems to have gone off track,


How do you value a Domain?
Some of you will be aware that at AN, members were able to share with others their opinions on how to value a domain.

With members participating from all over the world all with different backgrounds, these for me became an very valuable tool in my early days of the domain game.

It's true you shouldn't believe everything you read but you can extract the good from the bad and this helps to increase your knowledge of this crazy business.

You are never too old or experienced to learn!

So, if you have your own valuation model, and would like to share this with the members here at DNFourm, then please post your reply to this thread.




While I don't think I have the ability to appraise names accurately I do have a method of TRYING to gauge a names worth. A lot of you will know of what I am about to say. This is for those that don't.

It is a monthly search engine count of overture. The tool can be found at www.suggestiontool.com

Member RealNames suggested it to me some months back and I think if at all possible it would be wise to check and see if people are searching for the name or term you are considering registering.

RealNames explained to me that overture have roughly 5 % of the search engine market. So if you get 1,000 responses from a search at overture for the month it is likely that over all search engines for the month 20,000 searches would have been performed.

The higher the search numbers obviously the more people are looking for what you typed in. That MAY make the name more valuable. I will let others decide for themselves.


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Many thanks snoopy, hope people can learn from others.
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