Newbie Getting Started, Basic Questions And Questions About "buy And Hold" Strategy

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Oct 1, 2013
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I am currently make low 4 digit profits/month from other internet investment methods where working mostly with numbers and not actual events in world what allow constant income and looking into domaining, mostly at "buy and hold" strategy and selling them when time come because have no huge time portion to spend for domaining need make living in other industry what also mastering right now.
I have few unsuccessful times buying worthless domains but not lost much there. Right now reading best books/articles about topic what i can find.
Reading "Domainer's Bible: A Beginner's Guide To Buying and Selling Domain Names (Fifth Edition)" kindle version what seem have lot useful information.

I am overall pretty new to domaining and want ask few questions for theses who make living/have experience in industry.
Hope there is no much questions and any help will be highly appreciated.

1)Is it right expired domains caching is with insane competition nowadays and without good experience it hard to compare in any level?
2)It very recommended to select niches where have experience and/or interest in?
3)Is gambling/adult category domains lot harder to monitorize while owning and resell because lot regulations on lot ppc/affiliate sites?
4)If i think some asset in world is underrated and will increase significantly in value/demand after researching financial/technical news, i should invest in niche domains additionally to actual asset?
5)Is there any rules of thumb about how big maximum % of available investment capital you should put in 1 domain?
6)Is ebay good place to resell? I have some xxx feedback there so was curious.
7)How big % domainers actually make consistent income by buying/owning/selling domains?
8)Is there any demand for typo domain (not trademarks ofc) when selling them or only advantage is type-in traffic what come from misspelled entering?
9)What is best tools to research existing traffic for expired/expiring/into auction/direct seller domains?
10)How important is not take domains with bad backlinks/usage before?
11)Is it in reality possible make good income with "buy and hold" strategy or it take extreme number of domains most cases?
12)What selling strategy should i start with? Is direct selling mostly for advanced domainers?
13)What is top tools what changed your career and helped save most time?
14)What is best place to find domains for "buy and hold" strategy what can generate more then maintaining costs?
15)I suppose i should look into just .com while i have no experience estimating other domain types?

Thanks for any help.
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Sep 4, 2002
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all of your questions have been asked before and many of the answers are right here in this section.

also, wondering why after all that ebook reading, you still have so many of the same questions that every other newbie asks?

please, don't get insulted or take it personally, but geez, 15 questions

1. what do you think? with so many newbies entering the game every day, would you expect competition to be high?
2. true, if you have one or some
3. in general that's one of the reasons
4. that's called "speculating" based on research, which 'logically' should produce desired results.
5. you define your own budget, based on your business plan.
6. I've never ventured to ebay
7. what others make is not my concern
8. there has always been some demand for that category
9. there is no best tool! only the registrar/dropcatcher, current/former owner or the ppc service where the name was parked would know that data.
10. why would you want it?
11. anything is possible!
12. buying strategy, should come before selling strategy!
13. Overture tool, which died in 2007
15. I suppose

Good Luck




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Oct 1, 2013
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Thanks lot biggie.
Yeah was thinking it will be some too much questions but wanted make sure not doing anything stupid and understanding things correctly in basic levels before moving to actually considering buying domains.
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