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newbie question

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Aug 26, 2004
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Ok here it is...what I am planning on doing, please let me know what the chance of success is based on the market.

Thinking of having a site called domain something..not sure on that yet.

Its contents will be:

.Domains I am selling Personally
.A interface or link to a domain register of my choice me being a reseller or an affiliate..not sure which is better
.just like above but for hosting
.web template packs or afiiliate for template shops like monstertemplates
.other affilate links for various things related to the internet,sites,etc
.maybe some web design services/ cutomize services of templates

would be a full resource for someone wanting a site, webmasters, etc.

anyhow I just started in the domain trading thing and love it and have made good money with not much time involved so not sure, a site like above would mean alot of time, money and traffic.

any advise would be great...anyone have a site like I mentioned ?

To add the all that I am trying to find:

A good but cheap register to register my domains with and be an affiliate with
A GOOD Place I can park My domain for revenue
A good hosting plan for my own site, best host affiliat,reseller opps.
other afiilaite situations with appraisals, auctions etc.

Who does the majority use.

So far I have run upon sedo, and I have my first batch of domains registered
with 1 on 1............

Sorry for the long posts, just really need help here.


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Jun 28, 2004
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visit the website: igoldrush.com --it's got a lot of information that you may find useful.
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