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Dec 15, 2002
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Sold at NP thanks for looking

Name: True Autos

Price: $49.00 Includes domain name (, PHP script, all html & image files)

Design Type: Template

Hosting Requirements: PHP 1 MySQL Db

Traffic: 0 (brand new site)

Registrar: eNom 8/11/2005


The auto mall site is a fully automated listing resource for Auto Dealers and Private Sellers that gives sellers an affordable online opportunity to sell vehicles.

How it works

The Auto Mall site has two options for sellers.

Dealers can register as an dealer which gives them extra features such as there own business card type website, banner advertising and multiple listing plans. Dealors can benefit by purchasing plans that will sell up to 10 listings at one time.

Private sale (For sale by owner) clients have their own account plan that is tailored to their needs where they can only purchase one listing for their vehicle. Private accounts do not have a personal website of banner advertising making the Private option affordable and practical to sell their vehicle.

With no extra fees other than hosting, this site is a serious money making website that can be used locally and nationally.

Full admin panel to add/delete catagories etc.

Feel free to sign yourself up and tour around the site.

I will transfer to your eNom account and the site .zip to you via email as soon as payment recieved. PayPal please.



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Sold at NP thanks for looking
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