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No 4 for 'mobile phone' & no 9 for 'mobile phoneS' on google.com

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Nov 27, 2003
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I am acting for a client who is looking to sell www.mobilephonesites.co.uk.

The site is no 1 (and very often no 2 at this same time) on Google.com (international) for (at least) these 45 keywords :

alcatel mobile phones
digital mobile
digital mobile phone
digital mobiles
free mobile phone (and no 2)
Free Mobile Phone Logos (and no 2)
Free Mobile Phone Ring (and no 2)
Free Mobile Phone Tone
Free Top Up Numbers (and no 2)
Logo For Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Deal
mobile phone free covers (and no 2)
mobile phone gsm (and no 2)
Mobile Phone Hack (and no 2)
mobile phone handset
mobile phone internet access (and no 2)
mobile phone lines (and no 2)
mobile phone logos (and no 2)
Mobile Phone Numbers (and no 2)
Mobile Phone Review (and no 2)
mobile phone ring tones (and no 2)
Mobile Phone Ringing Tone (and no 2)
mobile phone ringtones (and no 2)
mobile phone sales
mobile phone screen saver (and no 2)
mobile phone triband
mobile phone tune (and no 2)
mobile phones code (and no 2)
mobile phones covers (and no 2)
mobile phones insurance
mobile phones sales
mobile phones screen saver (and no 2)
mobile phones text messages
Motorola Mobile Phone
nac mobile phone
nac mobile phones
nokia java mobiles
nokias mobile charger
nokias mobile phone
nokias ring tones
phones cover
Samsung Mobile Phone
satellites mobile phones (and no 2)
second hand mobile phone (and no 2)

All together we have 152 keywords positioned within the first 10 results, another 70 keywords are from 11 to 19, results and another 50 keywords are from 20 to 30 results on Google international.

in June 2004 we have received 394 075 hits.

If you would like anymore information please PM me.

Looking for £xxx,xxx


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