short: fixed ON SALE - 44 at just $20/each, bulk discounts available : ...

This is a listing for short domains (4 characters or less) in any TLD at a fixed price.
Aug 13, 2002
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Nice selection of 44 on sale at just $25/each or take 10x$200 ($20 each).
Take them in bulk and get a special deal - PM for details:

Considering most of them are expired since few days, a push isn't possible but they can be transferred (luckily GoDaddy allows quick transfers).
We can renew/push them at Godaddy (at just $8/each) if you wish to stay with them.

If you've at least 5 positive feedbacks, you'll pay only at transfer completed.
We can use if you need an escrow service (fee at our charge if you buy them in bulk).

PM or email to: domainsales (at)
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