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Own multiple .US city domains here.

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Mar 17, 2004
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Below are all .US

Choctaw (county and city in Oklahoma, also an an Indian tribe) $50

Bloomer (city in Wisconsin, name of a candy producer, a flower, a last name, name of many businesses, a valid dictionary word) $50

Colchester (city in NewYork, city in Vermont, city in Illinois, city in Connecticut, oldest town in Britain even though extension doesn't fit, so buy this one domain, and own multiple cities.) $150

Pawnee (city in Illinois, city in Oklahoma, city in Texas, a county in Nebraska, a county in Kansas, a common name or at least I knew a girl name pawnee, it is also the name of an Indian tribe, so buy this one domain and own multiple cities) $150

Powhaten (city in Virginia, also an Indian tribe) $50

Precinct (What precinct do you reside? Find your precinct to vote in the right area. 1st precinct or 64th precinct, etc.) $100

Univ (Short for University. Univ. of Phenix, Univ. of CT, etc., also Universal or Univision) $50

CollegeTuition (Want to find datas on college tuitions? this would be the perfect domain to sort out college tuition datas in the U.S.) $35

Domains at GD for an easy push
Payment via paypal.
Post sold or PM.

Thank you.
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