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Package of Great .US Domains, investment opportunity.

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May 13, 2004
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Hi All;

I am selling the following as a complete package. Please take a look, its a wise investment. I am selling due to personal reasons. - 38,700 for "US Airway" in Google; Overture: 312236 w/out ext. - 60,700 for "US Airline" in Google; Overture: 47093 w/out ext. 425,000 for "US Weekly" in Google; Overture: 63116 w/out ext. 225,000 for "US Magazine" in Google; Overture: 35999 w/out ext. 106,000 for "US Golf" in Google; Overture: 984 w/out ext. - 308,000 for "Miss America" in Google; Overture: 16782 w/out ext - 3,650,000 for "Bolt" in Google; Overture: 39558 w/out ext. - 16,500 for "USA Direct" in Google; Overture: 497 w/out ext. - 893,000 in Google; Overture: 161 w/out ext.

HRK Hrvatska Kuna (Croatian Kuna; currency)
HRK Kharkov, Ukraine - Kharkov (Airport Code) - 133,000 in Google; Overture: 240 w/out ext.

quartermaster corps
QMC Quadripartite Management Committee
QMC Quality Management Company LLC
QMC Quality Management Consortium (University of Texas at Austin)
QMC Quality of Markets Committee (New York Stock Exchange)
QMC Quantum Monte-Carlo (method)
QMC Quartermaster Corps
QMC Quartermaster, Chief (USN Rating)
QMC Queen Mary's College (UK)
QMC Queen's Medical Centre (UK)
QMC Quinto Mining Corporation - sold for a good price earlier this year.

Offers to begin at 1k. PayPal please add 3%. Held at many registrars, plenty of registration time left.

Any questions, please PM. Most Domains getting steady type ins, esp the, and

Investment Opportunity!
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