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Paid help needed with a couple of changes on our website

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Aug 13, 2002
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We need to apply just a couple of small changes on a game website (o44.com), we're looking for someone who might help for few $ considering it's an extremely easy job (we think):

1. o44.com is using the script powered by avscripts.net but a developer, in a near past, has completely redesigned the website, replaced its main template etc ...
In the forum at http://www.o44.com/forums , we need to change the category titles from white to dark blue as default.
This change should not affect the "white links" used as default in other sections of the website but should just be applied to the forum.

2. We need to replace the top logo (Video games information and tips Video Gaming) of this WPress blog: http://o44.com/blog/
A small (quite easy) graphic job is needed here where you should take the top logo showed at www.o44.com (o44 Operation44 Game network) and change the word "network" with "news" by using the same font and color (white).

Please, PM - Email or msg me in my live chat if able to help: www.domainempire.com
Email: domainsales (at) domainempire.com

We're also looking for partners (web designers or web agencies) specialized in turning easily a given domain into a developed turnkey website (15/25/+ pages of genuine content with 2/3 embedded affiliate programs or ways to make money: Amazon store, CLickBank, AdSense etc ...)

Obviously, we're ready to pay an $xx amount for each developed minisite but we're looking for genuine and targeted contents and images, surely not for exclusive contents ...
We're not looking for simple web designers: starting from a given domain, you should be able to put together a quick development idea with all the need images and articles.
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