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Jan 23, 2004
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I cannot fund my paypal account (live in an unsupported country), but I need to make a purchase from it. So, to help fund it, I have decided to possibly liquidate a few of our "Paid to Read" domains.

I am not really looking to educate everyone on how "Paid to Read" domains can be used, so I'm more looking to sell to someone that also knows what to do with them or someone that wants to park the domain for click-revenue.

I am currently taking offers (Please PM Offers Only) on:

  • - 16 backlinks
  • - 13 backlinks
  • - 42 backlinks
  • - 20 backlinks

The backlinks were taken from a HotBot search, and the domains have been parked on another domain for quite some time. Webalizer is not very accurate in reporting traffic for parked domains; so I say to assume zero (0) traffic on these. They do receive a little traffic, but I do not want to post an unverifiable number.

Thanks to everyone for looking. I am looking for offers in the low-mid $xxx range for each and will consider a package deal as well.


Not open for further replies.

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