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I just got offered $150 for I think it is worth more, especially with PHP becoming so popular. What do you guys think it's worth? I told the guy I would have to think about it for a day or two.

Also... How much do you think is worth? Would make a great name for any PHP programmers.

Thanks as always...

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Originally posted by Dan
Reminds me I sold to someone for $100 a couple weeks ago, I could have probably gotten more out of it, but didn't bother ;)
Nice, that's a steal! Maybe, with some luck, we'll see some good PHP content there soon. :)
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For what it's worth, I went to a free appraisal site and gave the name next to the lowest ranking in the assessment categories and it still came up as worth $1234.80 US. If you ranked it a little higher you are talking close to $50 g's! But then that is a free appraisal too. Maybe ask for $500.
You can always come down. Set yourself negotiating limits. Lowest price you'll accept - never ask for that amount. Highest price - what you would be happy with no matter what happens to the name later when you have no control over it anymore. Example you sell it for $500 and a week later you see in the paper that it sold for $10,000! If you didn't think it was worth that much then you have no reason to feel sorry for selling it for so much less. If you feel it's worth over $1000 then you should get a professional appraisal done. When you show the appraisal as a bargaining tool then that helps you obtain the price you desire.

Good Luck,
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