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Pi** poor service

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Apr 13, 2004
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I have no doubt this has been raised before but I cannot find a thread to attach this to. Here goes...

Pool have an absolute pi** poor customer service. I raised an issue with them last Monday, asked for a reply again on Tuesday and again on the 5th I wanted to know what their policy on replying is and that i'm not happy with their service. Don't get me wrong, I don't want the answer by now (although there is no damn reason why I shouldn't), it's the fact of being totally ignored.

I help out in support within our company and we have to make a 'response' within 24hrs, and that's not the automated 'thanks for your enquiry...'.

A good example is Sedo, I usually get a reply within a couple of days and get the vibe there is always someone there to help.

I don't care who, how big or where the company is, if they can't support their customers they won't last long term.

Perhaps Pool is an understaffed pretender :veryangry
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Apr 15, 2002
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batface said:
.....I don't care who, how big or where the company is, if they can't support their customers they won't last long term......

This lack of response to client mail and even phone calls, seems to be the way many internet firms operate and is very common and par for the course. More often than not client inquiries are ignored, no matter how many times I try. Even if trying to BUY something and send someone money, they are often ignored, LOL.

For example, try mailing some here (including admin) who announce names for sale, about prices or data on some domains, or other misc stuff. In addition, mail sent to some Admin/Mods at this forum are also not responded to. It's not just Pool or DNF, this happens with the majority of online-firms, IMO. In fact, it is somewhat unique to actually get a reply and that's why I normally do not expect one, nor do I get them most often, i.e. still waiting for replies from Enom Support sent many mos ago!

Before the Internet came along ignoring client correspondence was almost unknown but those days of good cust service are no more, unfortunately.
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