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Apr 1, 2002
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I have the domains:

I'm interested in how much they'd fetch. I've had enquiries from companies - some that are actually quite larger - who are interested in developing the .com for a portal / merchandising center for Harry Potter apparel.

I am aware of trademark issues.

However, how much will these domains fetch?

Many thanks.
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If they offer more than 500 quid, sell them. But make sure you sign an agreement that you are not to be held liable for any legal issues in the future (have them sign a quit-claim deed that includes that).
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Because of the tm issues and the fact any value in the domains can ONLY be attributed because of the film/book - any party using it is at serious risk of loss at UDRP (pretty much guaranteed) at best and legal action at worst.

Its like asking someone to value a stolen rolex watch - the fact it can be usable is offset by the fact the seller has no legitimate rights to be selling it in the first place.

Value: $reg fee
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