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closed pokkemon.com adult site

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pokkemon.com is an adult site
it get's about 500 hits a day
will this attract pokemon.com attention?
pokkemon is not pokemon
shall i hide my personal info so i won't get sued!
nintendo is a worldwide company also in belgium it exist so think about that it's not good

i just sold another trademarked domain name for $500 to a national bank witouth getting sued. it's the second time

Can someone given me advice please

I am still in school
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nintendo are extremely aggressive about the pokemon trademark.

I know of other schoolkids that regged pokemon domains and nintendo threatened to sue their parents - end result, parent tell child to drop the domain like a hot potatoe.

If you want to check out a whole heap of pokemon udrp's where nintendo won, go to www.udrplaw.net and click decisions, then enter pokemon in the search box.

pokkemon is unquestionably confusingly similar to the tm pokemon.


i already bought 2 trademarked domain names
profit: $1500

this domain name game is a challenge
i know this one is a little bit risky but whatever
i already could be sued twice

Dan knows more about it


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If you keep doing this you will easily get sued or something. I don't know much about this, but this would be "cybersquatting" (not domain speculation), what you have been doing, and from what I've read someone can take you to court easily by doing this.. It's nice you've made all the money, but watch out.. ;)

This kind of deliberate cybersquatting of trademarks gives everyone in the domain business a bad reputation. Thats why the udrp and courts are so biased against domain holders in general.

You might be making profit on those sales, but its actually devaluing the domain market and affecting us all.

Bottom line, deliberate squatting like you have described is nothing short of theft.

Profiting from it doesn't change that fact.

At least I hope you made sure in the transfer contract to idemnify yourself from any future claim and damage against the domain.

Originally posted by jeroenp
pokkemon.com is an adult site
it get's about 500 hits a day
will this attract pokemon.com attention?

This post really is in bad taste. You buy typos of kids sites and then try and sell them hardcore porn?

What is the world coming to?
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