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Mar 28, 2004
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Domain: http://www.thesquaredcircle.com

Sale link: http://www.thesquaredcircle.com/main/forsale.php

TheSquaredCircle.com has been open since March of 2004 and has quickly grown into an industry player, offering pro wrestling news, rumors and discussion forums.

Traffic Stats
Click HERE for Webalizer stats. As you can see, the stats for July were well above all the others; this is because I ran a flash ad on another pro wrestling website for $15. An ad as simple as that brought in all of those hits, showing how easy it would be to advertise and bring in even more hits if you have the right budget.
The Squared Circle is ranked 128,763 on Alexa but this ranking keeps going up as well. The site recently went under a redesign and a lot of page locations changed, thus lowering our Google PR. It once was at 4, but now is at zero -- however, the Discussion Forums have a PR of 2 as they did not change locations.

Discussion Forums
As I mentioned earlier, the discussion forums are the strong point of TSC. The forums opened on March 14, 2004, and in that time we have recieved nearly 20,000 posts (19,726) and 357 members. That averages out to well over 100 posts a day, and this number keeps climbing. The discussion forums also have a purchased skin and a few hacks to improve the quality of the forum. The forums alone are worth the sale price!

Only recently have I started advertising on The Squared Circle. Using Burst Media, TSC brings in about $20 a week, though this number is a lot lower than it could be, as I just started running popups within the last few weeks.
I also have not approached other wrestling sites about advertising on TSC. If you were to run some buttons of other sites, you could pull in some extra cash.

So, What Do I Get?
When you purchase The Squared Circle, you will recieve the following:

TheSquaredCircle.com domain name
Registered at GoDaddy, expires 5/27/2005.
TSCForums.com domain name
Registered at NameCheap, expires 05/25/2005
Full site layout and content
Discussion forums database
You will recieve all posts, members, hacks, and skins
One month free hosting
I will provide one month of free hosting from the date of the sale to allow time to move hosts
Please note that the red, white, and blue ring logo will remain property of me and will be removed before the sale is completed.

Sale Price
Right now the asking price is $650, and I will consider any offers.
Payment will be made through Escrow.com, buyer is responsible for Escrow fees.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
If you have any questions regarding The Squared Circle or the sale of the site, please feel free to contact me.
EMAIL: m.reddington@gmail.com
AOL: MSquaredCircle
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