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developed PopulateNow.com auction - 121 Members - $50 opening

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May 23, 2002
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After selling AreFun.com website here in this thread, I thought I'd also give www.PopulateNow.com a go ...

Opening Bid: $50.00
Reserve: Nope
End Time: 24 hours after the last bid posted DNForum time

Google PR2
Registered Members: 121
Paid Advertisers using Service: 2
Affiliate Advertisers using Service: 1

Traffic Stats:
Alexa Traffic Rank for populatenow.com: 590,190 (+271,775)

Apr 2004
Unique Visitors: 4981
Number of Visits: 6057
Pages: 8629
Number of Hits: 33340
May 2004
Unique Visitors: 3797
Number of Visits: 4704
Pages: 9091
Number of Hits: 28011
Jun 2004
Unique Visitors: 620
Number of Visits: 901
Pages: 33903
Number of Hits: 36118
Jul 2004 (as of posting date)
Unique Visitors: 814
Number of Visits: 1164
Pages: 6183
Number of Hits: 9245

Promotion: This website has never used a traffic exchange program. All traffic came from word of mouth from our members.

Software: CashCrusader. Click on the link to see its details. The script itself is $99.95

How it works:

Select one of our advertising packages from below.
Pay for your advertising campaign first.

After you have paid for your ad package, please fill out the "Order Form"
below to complete the advertisement ordering process.

Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
Once your payment has been confirmed, we will process your order immediately.


Advertising Packages

Populate Your Forum(s)/Community
Having a tough time populating your forum or community? Looking to boost your activity? Let PopulateNow.com help! PopulateNow.com will drive potential members to your community/forum and you, the owner, will be able to determine how to reward them for their membership. You can offer to reward them for just signing up, or for signing up and posting so many posts, etc. It is all up to you!

You name the price you are willing to pay per new member signup!
You determine what counts as a valid signup (from just signing up to even posting so many posts)

For example ... you want to attract 20 new members and are willing to pay $10.00 to attract said members. You also decide to be counted as a valid signup a member must post 5 messages on your forum. We will then setup an advertising campaign and email our members to requirements. If a member signs up for your forum, we will then validate said signup with you (either via email or we will visit your forum ourselves ... your choice) and either accept or deny it was a valid signup.

Any questions ... feel free to ask.

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Jul 19, 2004
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Are you allowed to sell the script? Tought the developer was very stright with that...


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May 23, 2002
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I'm not selling the script. It is being transferred to the new owner. The script is registered for PopulateNow.com and will move with PopulateNow.com
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