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Apr 16, 2009
I'm selling my permanent license of Post Affiliate Pro. 'Professional' license I no longer need. This is now known as Elite.

You can buy this on cloud for approximately $200/m but why keep paying for cloud and never really own it when you can buy it from me and keep forever.

I also have more perks such as greatly reduced updating fees of only $199/y compared to almost $900/y that it normally costs. These are optional but would have to be performed at least once after taking over.

I will subtract that from the final price.

In addition to that, you will also get a small desktop app that can connect with the website and monitor all activity where the package is installed.

Upon buying you will get a URL to login with an email/password combo and your job is to change the login details and buy the $200 update which will give you 12 months of extended downloads for all newest updates.

Escrow or PayPal is fine. If we use PayPal, I can go first but only if you're a reputable member of this forum. Otherwise I would prefer Escrow.

$xxxx offers will be entertained.

For the buyer, I'll also throw in a nice 'little' bonus of almost $1000 worth of stuff as a gesture of good will, since I don't really need or have time for it anymore.

For those on a tighter budget, I'm also open for alternative forms of payment such as monthly installments (like on cloud with the company) and after a certain period of time, the software will be fully yours.