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Wondering how much I should sell these for? Any good???

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What would constitute a private label host? I don't understand the concept you seem to have in your mind :D

You don't know what a private label host is?


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[Private Label Hosting]

"Private label hosting" is where a web hosting company allows you to resell their services as if they were your own. They stay invisible while your customers aren't aware that you're actually a reseller of another company's services. It makes you look bigger than you are.

You usually get to use your own name, nameservers, et cetera.

Some will even provide technical support for you -- using your company name.

It's a lot more inexpensive and profitable than buying your own servers, routers, and large chunks of bandwidth.


Even though your name does not seem to be heavily searched for, I think the name has a lot of commercial possibilities:

1. Resell private label hosting plans.
2. A directory of private label hosts where you get an affiliate's percentage.

Until the term catches a wider appeal -- I would keep it and develop it.

$25-$150 now (because it's long and unrecognized).
$500-$1000 in a year or two (it's got great potential).

Good luck,

Originally posted by chris
[Private Label Hosting]

Thanks for the reply. I actually really like the name.
You're right, not many people know what Private
Label Hosting is yet. Just getting an idea about the
market for this. I am thinking about selling it, but am
considering keeping it as well.

1. Resell private label hosting plans.

I'm thinking of using it for this later on down the road.

2. A directory of private label hosts where you get an affiliate's percentage.

Because I am new to hosting, I was thinking about using
the domain for this.

Hi Kristin,

Actually I find b-a-n-k-i-n-g.com an interesting name. I've seen quite a few people with these types of hyphenated names, though I've never actually seen one sell no I have no idea how to value it. I have seen people with very good collections of domains holding these types of names also.

I am curious as to what people would use these types of names for? Is it a seach engine thing as I'd imagine it would be difficult for people to remember (and type in) those kinds of names?
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