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Apr 2, 2003
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misspell of quad as in atv,80 percent of searches/views 10 percent qaud speakers and 10 percent qaud bikes so there might be a trademark issue with the bike company, these are the stats for first week in august, if link from sedo went directly to parked page I would think it would be higher because it is no 1 on google search for qauds but it goes to a generic page at sedo for buying this domain I think sedo needs to work on the links to parked pages many of my names show up on google but usually with a great big THIS DOMAIN FOR SALE sign on them. The one I like are the links that say info on whatever the name is
views clicks per click total
qauds.com Atv 22 11 50.00% $0.09 $0.96
qaud.com Atv 12 8 66.67% $0.07 $0.52
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