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Oct 7, 2002
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there is a product out there by this name
name has been gettin about 4 hits a day and $.08 per day $50
great name for someone, over bid term of .93 $35
someone wanted to buy this name but never followed through $150
perfect name for someone, overture bid near two $25
great buy overture of near dollar $45
Great name for sports/cards industry $25
very strong name for someone to do installs
get your money back on one install $60
one word, great name for used pc site $45
perfect name for list brokers or email services $45
very brandable name very easy to remember. $40
another perfect name for someone $100
perfect for seo company $75
really wanted to build this site, would be fun to build $100
perfect webmaster name, tough to find names you can remember $35
very catchy name $100
football is going to bring good money, be ready for next year, fantasy leagues are big business. $100
could you get much better for a pawnshop, okay pawn and pawn shop, but dont think they would sell at this price $50
strong name, easy to build site

all names at enom. Thanks for looking.
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