RARE aged generics & brandables! PrivateVirtualServer*com Rosewald*com ChiveDip*com

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May 15, 2005
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Taking offers for a bit on some names starting in the minimum mid $xxx range for most (some will be BIN priced higher than this for a quick purchase) for some nice well aged generics at Godaddy, these are quality domain names that are not being used right now so get yourself some amazing deals on some very nice valuable old domains! If you have a strong BIN offer or really want one (or a few) of them and can pay a fair price for a bulk deal just PM me and I'll try to make you a nice fair reseller level deal. If you just want to make lower offers and see what happens then please post them in the thread. I am always open to trades for .com names with traffic/rev and stats. (typos ok) :cool:

For payments we can do paypal friend/masspay, otherwise whatever escrow you want to pay for that is reputable if it's a larger deal. We will figure it out, I am reasonable! :yes:

Most of these are much older than the creation dates listed below but that is the point of continous registration...there are some serious useful, buildable, brandable, & highly resellable gems in here! :eek:k:

Rosewald * com (from 2006)

PrivateVirtualServer * com (2006)

ChiveDip * com (2005)

E-CommerceSites.com * com (2007)

ECommSites.com * com (2007)

Fizzys * com (2000)

PigeonHawks * com (2005)

HowToCureWarts * com (2009)

PrettyUgly * net (1999)

Semens * net (2006)

RealFunnyVideos * com (2005)

Spaciness * com (2006)

EasyHomeLender * com (2005)

Deteriorate * org (2000)

CreditCardAPR * net (2008)

Assortment * org (2003)

441 * org (2000)

3in1Credit * com (2004)

DriverEducationClasses * com (2007)

More names possibly to come from other registrars, thanks :)

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