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May 20, 2002
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Hi folks....

I have a question for ya'll...lemme see if I can express it correctly....

I am starting to take a different approach with the domains I have and I reg.
IN the past I regged most with the intent of sales or in the case of a few...development.

I have since rethought my strategy and am doing more affiliate programs and
regging names with good search engine response rather then just a catchy name. I am/want to start thinking about search responses for redirects or just traffic to a developed site

A few examples of what I'm asking......
americas banks > Google 120,000
americas banking > Google 103,000
americans banking > Google 270,000
The sport wear > Google 794,000
the athletic apparel > Google 187,000
the business and industry > Google 2,780,000
best known brands > Google 445,000
government outfitters > Google 31,200
investor optimism > Google 54,000
isupplies management > Google 1,840,000

Based on these search returns when the domain names are split into separate words.....would these domains be considered good in search terms?

Thanks for your time
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