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developed secretshoppers.ca (Also on eBay) Guaranteed Money Maker $1500-2000 Month

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Jun 19, 2004
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Your name?

URL(s) of site?

Age of site?
1 year

Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors?
Hundreds of unique hits per day.
Thousands of Impressions per day.

We get our traffic States from Urchin 5.0 and here are some stats from January 1/04 until July 11. Our Host cancelled Urchin and then had it installed directly into the website so the stats were out for about 25 days and they have just started again. A session is a unique visit.

Total Sessions

**Total Pageviews

**Total Hits

**Total Bytes Transferred
13.79 GB*
Average Hits Per Day

**Average Bytes Transferred Per Day
73.15 MB**

3000 Unique Visitors and approx, 15,000 Hits

The site also has 90+ Affiliates working to bring in traffic. The affiliates are signed up at clixgalore.com

How does the site generate income? How much?

Through sales $24.95 (Canadian) We average 3-5 Sales per day. Sometimes 2, sometimes 8.

Who develops content and administers the site? How much time does it require?
Everything is done automatically. Watch the payments. Look for new ways to promote. Always learning new ways to improve and promote

Sending out eMails in the evening and replying to all eMails received.

What is the monthly cost of running the site?

Advertising costs "Adwords, Overture, and some postings on job sites" I spend roughly $300 every 45-70 days.

Reason for selling?

Working on other ventures like koojo.com, also had a death in the family. Need to earn some funds quickly.

Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner?


Does the site have an ezine or newsletter? Number of subscribers?

What all does the site include?
Site, domain, Daily Income Guaranteed, ease of operation, easy income.
90+ Affiliates. Hosting paid for 1 year.

Asking price for the site?
Price is negotiable of course.

If you need to contact me, please eMail me

Other facts so you don't need to speak of them
Yes I know many sites exist that sell Mystery Shopper Info, Yes, This site makes an income. I believe much has to do with the domain and it being a Canadian Marketed Site.

Does this mean I need to be Canadian to run the site?
NOT AT ALL! I do believe that changing the payments coming into paypal from Canadian Funds to US Funds would not be a good thing.

Can I accept funds in Canadian from elsewhere in the world.
Yes. Accept in Canadian and make transfer inside paypal.

I am willing to put some type of guarantee on the site that it makes what I say.
You will make around 1500-2000 per month.

Why sell?
As noted above,, many reasons.. another reason.. Getting Married.. Fiancee needs attention too..
Plus, although I may spend only 1 hour a day working on the site but anyone who owns a site knows, when you make 2-3-4 sales per day.. You know potential exists to make 10-11-12 sales a day so you are always considering new things to do.

Site is also listed with Sitepoint, Webmaster Talk and eBay...


I will offer the same guarantee to anyone here as on eBay.

Why post here? I figure with paid access this may eliminate some of the time wasters from other forums without the necessary funds.
Also, DNFORUM has a great reputation.

The bottom line is this.
I do not need to sell the site per say but I do for my own well being.
I am a easy going guy and am willing to create any type of guarantee (within reason) to satisfy you.

In the eBay auction you can get Financing from paypal. I am not sure how well this works but your monthly payments at $9000 would be roughly $375.
You will make that within the first week of every month.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.


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Jun 19, 2004
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Site Sold!
Thanks everyone for the advice!

Site sold on eBay, took a $500 deposit via paypal and finishing the transaction using escrow.com!

Yee Haw!
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