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Selling A Few High Revenue Websites With $500-2500 Per Month


Domain Magnate™
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Nov 17, 2005
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Hi DNF'ers,
As some of you know I broker high revenue sites and have a few great properties for sale currently. High quality content sites with good history and stable adsense revenue. They usually sell for 1-2 years worth of revenue.
Message me or skype DomainMagnate if you're interested in buying some.

Here are some of the sites for sale currently:
*****.com ~$500 per month - price $6450 SOLD
********.com ~$2500 per month, $42k+ rev in 1.5 years - open to offers
******.org ~$1k per month, health site with top quality content done by doctors and medical students, unique pictures and drawings with copyrights.
******.com MMORPG game, custom coded, with unique features, $300+ monthly revenue. SOLD

Please only contact me if you have funds available for immediate purchase. All deals through escrow.com. You can post here or pm me as well and let me know your preferences, ranges and email for further details.
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