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Site marketing for clients?

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Sep 17, 2002
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If you would have a choice to do a site marketing (SEO, etc.) for a client based on revenue share, would you accept it?

Say they offer you 50% or more of revenue share above some treshold.
Your task is to make as much of possible out of it.
What they have is only a domain name (which already reached its natural saturation with type-ins and that's the treshold) and hosting for that domain.

If acceptable for you, where do you see the advantage(s) here?

Thanks for your input.

Well, the system doesn't allow me to post second message right after my previous one, so this below is reply from another thread.

nameslave said:
:confused: Since when did domain names not matter? They ALWAYS matter, be it type-in's or not. That's why we have domain names and not sheer IPs! Some so-called "search engine optimizers" don't even understand that end-users CHOOSE to click on a URL and NOT just because they are listed as #1 at Google.

Intrinsic value of domain names is almost exclusively limited to their natural type-in value. See below regarding search engines.
Of course, some nice sounding names have more value to some people but it is very subjective matter.

RealNames said:
Yes the words in the url matter big time. SEO and SE rankings are way over-valued by most. If you have domains which are keyword targeted names (even low traffic names) you really don't need to be too concerned about marketing. Often the domainers who worry most about Search Engines and Promotions are those who do not have too many keyword type-ins.

Yes, the words in URL matter, which is not limited to domain name only, although the SERP reflects it far away from the "big time".
You can rank first for "inurl" but almost nowhere to find for regular search term. It seems that title brings even more value than a name self.

The URL can be consisted of garbage domain name, but you can still have advantage of keywords by stuffing them into directories (like www.qzxdomain.ws/keyword/), filename (like keyword.html) or subdomain (like kyword.qzxdomain.ws), all of them having the same weigth for a credible search engine.
Seemingly, Y! gives some more weigth to a domain name, but still of no crucial significance for the total ranking.

Interesting thing is that search engines prefer hyphenated domains (just recently Google improved their algo regarding recognizing words in non-hyphenated names), which are big no-no among domainers.
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