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Mar 4, 2005
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Hello there,

Site Not sold Yet. The buyer Messed up and said he cant pay for it,.

Only 24hrs more for this site

BIN $325

Current Highest Bid is $210 (from my thread at at the time of posting this , but please check the posts to see the highest bid at the time you post your bid.


Im sure the domain alone should be worth good money.

Currently 9th in msn for keyword-> play fight games for free

Also 10th in msn for -> i can play games that are only free

Details :-

- The Script is from with over 150 games. you can also get more screenshots/details about the script from .

- I also got a unique skin/logo designed for the site as you can see.

Traffic details :-

no significant income generated from the site, i believe the rankings were updated recently , but it sure has good potential.

Reason for selling is due to financial constraints.

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